Monday, December 26, 2011

Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends is an action RPG developed and published by Capcom in December 1997 in Japan before coming over to North America in the late summer of 98. It presents a new spin on the Mega Man franchise making our main character a Digger, who just happens to look like a robot.
We open up to find our world is flooded in water (this must be where Nintendo got its inspiration for Wind Waker). Only a few islands remain in the midst of the flood with energy sources being rare. To cope, various Diggers go around the world finding quantum refractors in ancient ruins to use for energy, the shards being used for currency. However, the item that every Digger looks for is something called the Mother Lode, an item of suppose infinite power that will take care of the world energy needs in one fair swoop, but the Diggers don't seem to be anywhere close to finding it.

The game stars Mega Man Volnutt, voiced by Corey Sevier (that's right, before he was Apollo, he was Mega Man!), a Digger aboard the ship titled Flutter, living there with his Spotter Roll Caskett and her grandfather Barrel Caskett.

Roll, Barrel. Barrel, Roll. Roll, Barrel. Barrel, Roll.

Mega Man, do a Barrel Roll!

The game's antagonists come in the form of pirates known as the Bonnes, though their service bots look more like legos. They want to steal the legendary secret treasure said to be on Kattelox Island. Led by their leader, Teisel Bonne, and his sibling, Tron Bonne, they quickly become obstacles for Mega Man and his team to overcome.

Mega Man has two weapons that he can have equipped. The first one is on his left arm, the second his right. If neither arm has anything equipped Mega Man will perform a kick in their place.

The overall gameplay of Mega Man Legends can be a lot of fun. You have room to run around, jump, blow up enemies, and chase after cars. Just be sure not to get hit because, as you'd imagine, that will hurt. The storyline gives us a new spin on Mega Man, mainly because this isn't the same Mega Man. Reading up more on the Mega Man Legends series I found they take place thousands of years after the ZX series, and Professor Barrett found this Mega Man alongside Data, a monkey which only Mega Man can understand.

The dialog and voice acting is cringe worthy at times. It's what you can expect from a game mostly aimed at kids, but I didn't see anything that talks down to them or insult their intelligence. The villains are over the top and hilarious. Not very menacing, but for what they are they do their job well. The graphics now is another story. They're bad. Crash Bandicoot and Croc, two games made around this time are far better in the graphics department. Even Armored Core has this thing beat.

You can upgrade Mega Man weapons by buying parts or finding them on your journey These upgrades will help make Mega Man stronger, something you'll want to keep an eye on. Because there's nothing more embarrassing than getting beat up by legos. A lot of the enemies look really cool, and you can make Mega Man look even more like the classic robot we all know and love by getting all the appropriate parts. In conclusion, if you can get over inferior looking graphics and hideous voice acting, Mega Man Legends can be a lot of fun.

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