Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2001

I'm here today to talk to you about golf. Don't dare you press that back button!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf is a series of golfing games featuring Tiger Woods and other professional golfers, developed and published by Electronic Arts. Today we take a look at the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2001 available for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Windows PC.

We start off with our main menu, also dubbed the Clubhouse. If you want to go straight to the game click on Play Now, and select your golfer to be taken to the EA Sports PGA Tour Challenge. In this game mode you start off as an Amateur and through a series of [unfortunate] events, you can earn your way up to the Pro rankings. After you reach the Pro rankings your goal is to become the EA Sports PGA Tour Challenge Champion, the stakes getting higher with each challenge that comes, but in order to do that it might be a good idea to learn how to play the game first.

So let's go back to the Clubhouse, go to Game Setup and then Practice. Once you select your player and course you're ready to begin to learn how to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf!

On the golf course you have your current golfer at the top left of your screen which tells you the total yards to the next cup. On the bottom of the screen is your swing meter indicating the power and accuracy in your swing. To the right are things like wind gauge, club selection, etc.

To hit your ball you need to align with the meter on the screen. After that cross your finger and hope your ball doesn't end up at the bottom of the water. Luckily for you, in Practice Mode you have do overs, but you won't be so fortunate in the other modes. At the end of each hole you'll be shown a scorecard to see how well you're doing.

You can always get a closer look at the estimated spot your ball will go, depending on which club you have in your hand, at any time during tour turn. When you reach the green you can calculate where the ball may go by reading the green.

All in all, the first question you have to ask yourself before getting this game is, do you like golf? If the answer is no you're going to find this game amazingly boring and chances are, like me, you won't know a single golfer in the game apart from Tiger Woods. If you like golf, I'd give her a whirl.

Try it

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