Monday, July 29, 2013

Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is the fourth installment in the Metroid franchise starring famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Samus made her debut in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System and naturally due to the lack of female protagonists at the time, we all thought she was a man. Or a robot. Or a man robot. Moving on.

We start off with an opening title sequence of Samus crashing into an asteroid belt “oh them women drivers!” before we get our title screen. In classic Nintendo fashion, you have three files available allowing you to have three separate games going on at once. After selecting a file to record your game on we're given a cut scene that unveils more information leading up to the dramatic crash shown earlier.

During a mission on the planet surface of SR388, Samus is attacked by an unidentified organism later identified as the X Parasite. How very original. She was unknowingly infected by the creature causing her to lose consciousness and crash her ship on the way back to the station. She was picked up by the Galactic Federation who discovered the X Parasite had infected her central nervous system. Just when things seemed to be all over for our hero, scientists have discovered a cure.


Using an DNA sample they had left over from the baby Metroid that Samus took care of in the last game, they were able to successfully repair the damage caused by the X Parasite due to the fact that the Metroid was the natural predator to the X Parasite. Convenient.

While they were able to save Samus, the Power Suit had to go. Is it just me or does the Zero Suit look longer? I mean, at least in the eighties she wasn't afraid to show some skin!

Okay, okay, the reason it looks like that is because parts of her suit was too integrated into her body to be removed safely, so bits of the old suit combined with what she was wearing underneath, hence the name, Fusion Suit.

Not long after the operation is Samus sent back into action to investigate an explosion at the Biologic Space Laboratories station only to find that it's swarming with, you guessed it, her old friends the X Parasites! Your objective, and believe me you're going to be seeing that word a lot, is to eliminate the parasites' presence, and thus our game begins.

Wow, Nintendo games openings are longer than what I remember them to be. Remember when it was just a text scroll? Good times.

Metroid Fusion takes everything that was great about the previous games and upgrades them for the Game Boy Advance with more graphical details and beautiful artwork to help unravel the story. The game offers plenty of new enemies, stages, and challenges to provide for a fun gaming experience. Metroid Fusion was the first Metroid game, alongside Metroid Prime for the Nintendo GameCube, to be released in eight years, and did it ever come back with a vengeance. One plus to owning and beating both games was the fact you could hook them up and either play the original Metroid game for the NES, or play through Metroid Prime with the Fusion Suit.

All in all, if you enjoy side-scrolling action/adventure games with exciting gameplay and a good story, or are a Metroid fan and haven't gotten your hands on this title yet, I would definitely recommend giving Metroid Fusion a try.

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